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The story

Chef Chandler Anderson has been in the restaurant industry for seven years. It’s easy to get bogged down but they moved from place to place utilizing the robust seasonal work system to rapidly gain a variety of experience. Exposing themselves to multiple cultural bodies and food histories their passions and dreams grew. 

Christin grew up in rural Kansas and moved to Utah a few years back. She’s been in the industry for eight years and has consistently been able to maintain hospitality and build a team no matter where she’s at. She lays down the groundwork to keep things rolling. Working from a variety of service styles she knows how to meet anyone in the middle.

The food truck is burgers, but it’s also about community. Supporting local farmers, supporting our purveyors, supporting the families that live here, supporting talented cooks looking for a soft spot to land. We want to bring good quality local ingredients to your table in a way that’s less stuffy, and a little more honest.

This industry isn’t talent- it’s a craft. We put in the work.

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